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Learn About Types Of Drug Tests

Provided you intend to ensure that your work premises remain drug-free the only guarantee you have to this is to carry out random workplace drug and alcohol testing. Since drug testing is a simple process that involves the collection of samples and laboratory procedures this means that every workplace should embrace these procedures. In as much as you are likely to understand several other processes used during drug testing the ones that involve mouth swab drug tests are very common. There are specific procedures which involve the use of a breathalyzer as one of the means to carry out drug testing. The most efficient method to the determine the presence of alcohol in a person’s system is to use a breathalyzer, and in this case, mouth swab drug tests might not be as efficient. One thing that has made the use of breathalyzers investigation is because it is instant in the manner in which results are relayed. What this implies is that you are not likely to be doubtful about an employee you think is taking alcohol when on duty since you can always have them use the breathalyzer.

There is another method that is common when it comes to drug testing, and this is the saliva swab. The best thing about considering mouth swab drug tests is that it is simple and it takes the least time. Besides you do not need anything more from the person going through drug testing apart from the saliva. Moreover there is no pain involved in mouth swab drug tests. What makes mouth swab drug tests the best is because it minimizes the possibility of people telling you that they do not have the sample needed for the drug test. In the case you want to have rapid random drug tests to your employees then the most efficient method is the mouth swab drug tests.

You can also decide to use the hair as sample the next time you are considering workplace drug testing. In as much as mouth swab drug tests are considered elementary the truth is that drug testing using the hair is even simpler. Although there is a likelihood that this process is more straightforward when it comes to getting the results of the test this is what consumes more time. The least time that you can wait before the results of the tests are released might go up to seven days. There is no doubt that although employers are often surrounded by several other procedures to test for drugs many employers usually prefer the mouth swab drug tests than urine sample since this is surrounded by a lot of stereotype and negativity.

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