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The Essential Laws of Designs Explained

A Guide to Designing Mobile Apps

It is far easier to write a mobile app for Android or iOS than designing it. Below are some helpful tips for apps designers for Android and iOS.

The first tip on making a good mobile app is to focus on doing one thing very well. Your mobile app can be described in a simple sentence and nothing more.

It is important that the back button is used appropriately. Consistency in navigating the user back when using the back button in an Android with the native OS supplied back button should be an app feature. The back button on an iOS should be supplied and be placed in the top-left corner where users expect it to be.

Some designers are unaware of how the screen will look like when the on-screen keyboard is activated. When you test your on-screen key board make sure that the user has enough on-screen context so that they will know what they are doing when the on-screen keyboard is activated.
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If there are only a few data input fields on your app, then putting placeholders inside of the field is fine and can make your app look cleaner.
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When you are using buttons make sure that the button sizes are big enough so that users will have an easy time and the best thing to do is to test your app on a small phone to make sure the buttons can be used comfortably.

Another tip is to consider button placement. Users with smartphones can easily reach the lower part of their smarphone with their thumbs. Right handed people can easily reach the lower right hand side of their phone while the left handed ones can easily reach the lower left hand side of their phones. Being able to use the app with one hand is very convenient so take note of this when you design your app.

When asking your user for any kind of input, think of what the user will need to make a decision as to what action to take. Save your users the inconvenience by making the information that they need available at the location where the decision has to be made.

Image resolution is important in having a great app. Modern smartphones have high resolutions that can look very beautiful. Do not use low resolution images if you want your app to look great. A perfectly clean look for your images can be achieved if you use high resolution.

If you want your mobile app to be a success, think carefully in designing its user interface. Mobile apps with great user interface will be preferred by users over apps which are faster and more functional but with interface which are not so easy to use. If you have an app that is easy to learn and use then be assured of success in the busy marketplace.

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